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Department of International Relations ATSMU

  The Department of International Relations is a structural part of the ATSMU; it organizes and coordinates the training of foreign students, including students from the CIS in the University, and is also involved in diversifying the international cooperation of the university.
  The Department of International Relations was founded in 1979 to the collaborations with the date when our university trained representatives from more than 35 countries, in which more than 800 foreign students graduated. Also 34 PhD in the University, 4 students were trained and prepared 3 candidates of medical science, while more than 700 people were trained in the preparatory department.
  The activities Department of International Relations is organizing and coordinating the participation of the University in international cooperation programs aimed at improving the quality of educational programs, developing effective partnerships with medical and educational institutions, research centers abroad.
The main objectives of the Division:
•    Coordinate, support documentation and implementation of projects with international cooperation of the University, its faculties and departments with foreign partners;
•    Search for foreign partners and new areas for cooperation, development of proposals and measures for development and external relations;
•    Organization negotiations, the development of treaties, agreements and work programs of international cooperation, control and coordination of their implementation;
•   Visa support and control of the stay of foreign nationals, ATSMU invited to training, internships, research, participation in international scientific and cultural events and exchange programs;
•    Provide training foreign students, graduate students, doctoral students and interns who come to ATSMU of intergovernmental and inter-university agreements, as well as individually;
•    The development of academic mobility - the attraction of foreign teachers, aimed at the convergence of educational standards, improving the quality of education, the entry ATSMU as an equal partner in international educational and research space;
•    Implementation of the international communications of the University, the implementation of programs of additional education, cultural exchanges and youth mobility;
•    Support the organization and conduct of international research activities on the basis of ATSMU;
•    Implementation of the current counseling and other assistance to departments and employees of the university;
•    Monitoring and reporting on the results of the international activities of the university.

1.    International cooperation
   The Department of International Relations of the ATSMU works on behalf of the direction of the cooperation with international organizations and foreign embassies, it is trying to develop these relationships. While one of the most important areas of DIR is to develop cooperation with foreign embassies in our country. In this direction, establishing a mutually beneficial cooperation with the Embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, The Republic of India, The People's Republic of China, Japan, Turkey, The Republic of Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and others. In this direction, as successful work with international organizations includes the World Health Organization, the Swiss Cooperation Office, and Project USAID «Quality Health», German Society for International Cooperation (GTZ), The Global Fund, The Soros Foundation, DAAD, TEMPUS, IAEA, ISTC, and UNFPA. At these cooperation projects on financing of carrying out of seminars and symposiums, financing of working business trips of employees are realized.  
    Annually in ATSMU of the accounts of investment projects, is allocated 3 to 4 million TJ somoni.
2.    Admission and training of foreign citizens in the ATSMU
ATSMU prepares foreign specialists based on the decision of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Tajikistan № 7/9, from March 30, 2007 about the rules of admission  of foreign citizens and "Regulations on the admission and training of foreign citizens in TSMU", approved by the Academic Council of the University.
1.    Admission of foreign citizens in ATSMU is carried out through interview by members of the admission commission from among the representatives of the faculties, languages and theoretical chairs, which are approved by the Rector of the University.
Examinations for admission to the first year should be passed until August, 28th.
The foreign citizen can be enrolled as student based on the order of the Rector of ATSMU after passing the interview, signing of a bilateral contract between the Rector and a foreign citizen and the full payment of tuition fees per academic year up to October 30th. In case of infringement of payment timeframe, the foreign citizen is excluded from the University.
        Having entered the University, foreign citizens must comply with all points of the signed contract, to observe all the rules of training for the students, to respect the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan, to comply with the set rules for the residence of foreign citizens in the Republic of Tajikistan.
2.    Training of foreign citizens or stateless persons in ATSMU conducted on a contractual basis:
    Through personal payment;
    Payment through organizations, or other sources;
    From budget funds in the form of quotas, if they are determined by special
instructions of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.
    According to the signed contract between ATSMU and Kabul Medical University payment for study for citizens of Afghanistan decreases on 25 %.

3.  Foreign citizens may be admitted for following types of training:
    Preliminary courses:

o    4 month training – payment of study $ 500
o    8 month training – payment of study $ 1000

Foreign citizens can be admitted to the preliminary courses of the University until October 30th, just after the pre-payment of tuition fees, and signing the contract for the period of training.

    The undergraduate medical and pharmaceutical education on the following specialties:

Faculties    Timeframe of training    Cost of training
(in USD)
Medical faculty (MD)              6 years    3000-3500
Medical faculty (MBBS)          5 years    3000-3500
Dentistry faculty                      5 years    3000-3500
Pharmaceutical faculty           5 years     3000-3300
Public Health faculty              5-6 years    2000-2200

4.    Trainings are conducted on the following languages:

• English (1-3 years)
• Russian
• Tajik
Enrollment on groups with training in English language is carried out according to limit, determined by the chairman admission commission, based on the capabilities of the University for each academic year.
Foreign citizens from near and far foreign countries, if they have a good command of Tajik (Persian) language can be enrolled in the group with the Tajik language courses without going through a preliminary course, after passing entrance exams, according to the set order.
Foreign citizens, who express a desire to study in Russian language, are accepted to be students after completion of the preliminary course, based on the results of final examinations of these courses.

    Personal statement by applicant in the name of the rector (admission form) indicating the faculty and the forms of education;

    The original document on education, that is equivalent document on state form education of Tajikistan, with the provision of the certificate of conformity, indicating the subjects studied, a notarized translation into Tajik or Russian;

    Certificate of accepted standard, which confirms the successful completion of the courses of preliminary training, or preparatory schools included in the official list of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan, which allowed Pre-university training of foreign citizens;

    The medical report (standard pattern) of examination for antibodies to the AIDS virus, with the official registration approved by the official health agencies (provide original);

    There is need a document on complete secondary education for admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons on the 1 year of the university;

    For admission to 2 year and senior courses - a document of complete secondary education, as well as the academic certificate (or diploma) of the undergraduate degree or diploma for special education of various degrees;

    Certificate of state accreditation of educational institutions, where a citizen was educated (a copy of the certificate and notarized confirmed his transfer);

    Copy of passport with visa and valid registration (while in the Republic of Tajikistan), a migration card, 10 color photos 3x4 cm, the sample for a visa.

All documents submitted for admission, initially to be translated into Tajik or Russian language, with confirmation of notary bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan. After receiving the certificate of conformity of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Tajikistan, it should be provide to the admission commission of ATSMU

3.    Providing renewal of visas and control entry of foreign citizens
The Department of International Relation continues its work in terms of civil registration of foreign students and is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Service Ministry of Internal Affairs Republic of Tajikistan.
Every foreign citizen entering the ATSMU should write a statement addressed to the rector of the university. Following that awaiting a statement by the rector, then the Department of International Relations sends out an invitation.
On the basis of an invitation the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and mission of the Republic of Tajikistan (RT Embassy) in foreign countries, issued entrance visa for foreign citizens to Tajikistan.
Citizens of Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan due to a bilateral intergovernmental agreement on visa-free entry to Tajikistan receive a visa-free regime.
Documents of foreign students will be sent to the Immigration Service MIA RT for annual registration renewal. For students who apply for restoration, receipts are provided with temporary registration.
According to the law in a period of 3 days (excluding weekends) foreign students must provide all necessary documents to the Department of International Relations of the University for the relevant authorities. To obtain a visa and extension of period duration, below are the necessary documents:
• Copy of passport
• 2 pcs 3x4 pictures
• 2 copies of the registration card (Form 16)
• Medical certificates AIDS HIV / AIDS
• A copy of student ID
• A copy of the results certificate (school results)
• A copy of the acceptance letter sent by the University
• A copy of the contract (between the university and foreign citizens)

4.    Foreign students in the TSMU
At this moment, 565 students from 15 republics and foreign countries, including Afghanistan (109) Saudi Arabia (4 people), Iraq (2 persons), Kazakhstan (50), Kyrgyzstan (16 ), Latvia (1 person), Azerbaijan (2 people), Pakistan (24 people), Russia (22 persons), Turkmenistan (9 people), Uzbekistan (13), India (282 people), Iran (21 people) Nigeria (8 people) and Sudan (2 people).
Of the total number of 565 foreigners enrolled about 516 are students, 11 PhD, 3 interns, 18 master's degrees, 4 graduate students and 13 students. Also the total number of foreign students that are girls is 118 (20.8%). 84 students from foreign countries are in the university on the basis of international agreement. The university’s number of foreign students raised to 7.7%.

The Staff of International Relations Department ATSMU
Makhsudova Nargis Naimovna
Head of Department
Dodariyon Hamza Siddik
Senior Specialist
Bekmuradov Dovran Altyevich
Senior Specialist
Zokirova Sitorabonu Imomalievna
Muminova Guzel Rejepovna
Visas Methodist
Jalilova Jonona Abdurashidovna

Republic of Tajikistan, 734003 Dushanbe, 139 Rudaki Avenue
            Telephone: (44)6003615; (44)6003614     Fax: (+992 37) 224 36 87
E-mail: interdep.tsmu@gmail.com;   www.tajmedun.tj



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